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General information

Intellectual property law firm "SOCRATES" was founded in 1993 and has 20 years of experience been providing patent registration and legal services for more than ten years.

The Staff of the Firm includes patent attorneys and lawyers who have many-years experience protecting rights for various subjects of intellectual property. We represent the interests of major foreign and local producers from pharmaceutical, winemaking and food industries.

Our highly qualified team help clients to protect their rights for immaterial goods, such as inventions, trade marks, utility models, industrial designs, objects of science, literature and art, as well as computer software. Our experts will take care of the process of innovation from an ingenious idea to an economic success.

We welcome productive partnership and the sharing of experience with foreign and local colleagues. In the course of our work we have developed a dynamic network of business partners and have acquired valuable experience.

Appropriately judged protection of rights for a trademark or a brand name will help you avoid losses linked to the restoration of violated rights.

Our professional expertise, information database and technical resources guarantee efficient and prompt service to our clientele.